Strategy is the
Art of Embracing
the Unknown

25A0 is unicode for black square and a management consultancy at the intersection of research, art and business.

We design strategic moves with tangible business results for clients that are driven by curiosity, vision and impact.

Guiding Ideas

Innovation requires Continuity.

Transformation and change do not happen over night.

That is why we don’t work against time.

Apathy enables Tyranny.

Not deciding is the worst decision.

That is why we support and inform decision making processes.

Simple is not easy.

Information overload is difficult to tackle.

That is why we structure complexity to say it simple.


Explore What’s Going On?

Making sense of the world requires more than quantification.

We combine a broad range of qualitative and investigative approaches with a high sensitivity for culture and everyday life.

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Create And What’s Next?

Ideas aren’t worth much without execution.

We bridge the gap between strategic oversight and operative baseline hands-on – with design, production, development and implementation.

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Selected Cases



What’s Right, What’s Wrong?



Leadership today requires empathy and shared visions. But the ideas that drive individuals and organizations often remain unexpressed.

We help you to align individual and organizational purpose, enabling brands and organizations to render their progress meaningful for everyone by curating strategy from within the organization.


We initiate and moderate collaborative and co-creative processes to align on a shared strategic vision and to leverage the strategic potential from within the organization.

deep listening

How can we listen to the soft voices?

Soft voices often remain unheard in corporate settings, especially in times of change or rapid transformation. But their input is crucial: They provide the weak signals that are often the herald of transformation.

Our tools help your organization to embrace the power of diversity and to create a shared vision. We ask the right questions to uncover hidden motivations and implicit knowledge, leveraging the strategic potential from everyone – including the soft voices.


collaborative mapping

How can we navigate complexity together?

Visualizations help us to extend our minds and share our visions. A shared cognitive space grants everyone instant access to the same shared information and enables all to navigate complexity together.

We conduct workshops and remote deep dives with collaborative mappings that go beyond post-its and flipcharts. Everyone can view, participate and comment on the mappings and all results are constantly documented, structured and edited from session to session.


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purpose refinement

How can we render progress meaningful?

A purpose driven organization combines social impact with business outcome and creates a connection between workforce, brand and clients beyond services and products. Purpose evolves your brand and sharpens your communication, it helps you to inspire new products and services and it shapes a community by fostering intrinsic reward.

We extract, refine and orchestrate individual and organizational purpose to render your progress meaningful for everyone.


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