Strategy is the Art
of Embracing
the Unknown

25A0 is unicode for black square and a strategy and research office at the intersection of culture, arts, technology, and design.

We conduct commissioned and self-initiated ventures and projects with high impact, partnering with clients from the public and private sector.




25A1 is unicode for white square and a research and consulting office for cultural heritage institutions, that develops and implements research-driven change.

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Agents of Transformation

Agents of Transformation is a platform for systemic changes through arts and design, connecting the next generation with decision makers in politics and industry.

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STATE Productions

STATE creates, transforms, and amplifies brands and institutions that make sense, delivering strategic and sustainable solutions to challenges in business, technology, and design.

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Interface Critique

Interface Critique is an academic platform, that facilitates trans-disciplinary dialogues about human-machine interaction.

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Agents of Transformation


Arts and Design play an important role for societal transformation. They help to create shared visions, change mindsets and attitudes, open up new perspectives, provide emancipatory potential, and foster purpose-driven impact.

Agents of Transformation (AOT) engages students from arts and design to foster their potential for a sustainable, inclusive and pluralistic society, bringing them into conversations that matter. And AOT helps institutions and decision makers in politics and industry to understand the future through the lense of the next generation.

AOT operates a yearly cycle of different episodes, covering student engagement, expert consultation, public dialogue and follow-up.

1. Student Engagement
AOT gathers students from universities across Europe and beyond to collect their visions and expectations regarding the connections between sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics

2. Expert Consultation
AOT identifies relevant topic clusters and key challenges and facilitates a discussion between the students and suitable experts from politics and the industry.

3. Public Dialogue
AOT conducts a public dialogue or roundtable with decision makers, where students can present their topics and visions.

AOT is a collaborative project between ELIA and the Berlin University of the Arts and was developed as part of their partnership in the New European Bauhaus Initiative of the European Commission.