Strategy is the Art
of Embracing
the Unknown

25A0 is unicode for black square and a strategy and research office at the intersection of culture, arts, technology, and design.

We conduct commissioned and self-initiated ventures, partnering with clients from the public and private sector.

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Deep Listening

Zoom last supper. Seen on twitter in April 2020.


It is not necessarily the loudest voice that provides the most important input. With our minimal invasive deep dives we guarantee that also the soft voices are heard and that their insights receive the attention they deserve.

Soft voices often remain unheard in corporate settings. But their input is crucial: They provide the weak signals that are often the herald of transformation. Our deep listening approach helps your organization to embrace the power of diversity by asking the right questions to uncover hidden motivations and implicit knowledge, leveraging the strategic potential from everyone – including the soft voices.

We conduct minimal invasive deep dives into the personal and organizational insights and motivations to bridge the gap between strategic oversight and operative baseline. Depending on your specific focus we develop and curate strategic insights for brand purpose, communication, visual appearance, product features and service portfolios, organizational structures and overall company culture.

The remote format requires only a short investment of the participants time for each session.

The analysis goes way deeper than common time-boxed workshop formats.

We provide thought starters, small exercises and edited interim results, so that everyone is prepared and stays on track.