Strategy is the
Art of Embracing
the Unknown

25A0 is unicode for black square and a management consultancy at the intersection of research, art and business.

We design strategic moves with tangible business results for clients that are driven by curiosity, vision and impact.

Guiding Ideas

Innovation requires Continuity.

Transformation and change do not happen over night.

That is why we don’t work against time.

Apathy enables Tyranny.

Not deciding is the worst decision.

That is why we support and inform decision making processes.

Simple is not easy.

Information overload is difficult to tackle.

That is why we structure complexity to say it simple.


Explore What’s Going On?

Making sense of the world requires more than quantification.

We combine a broad range of qualitative and investigative approaches with a high sensitivity for culture and everyday life.

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Create And What’s Next?

Ideas aren’t worth much without execution.

We bridge the gap between strategic oversight and operative baseline hands-on – with design, production, development and implementation.

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Selected Cases



Purpose Refinement

“Ultimately, purpose is the engine of long-term profitability.” – Larry Fink, March 2020.

„Leaders need to constantly assess how purpose can guide strategy, and they need to be willing to adjust or redefine this relationship as conditions change. That demands a new kind of sustained focus, but the advantages it can confer are legion.“ – Thomas W. Malnight, 2019.


Pieter Bruegel the Elder: “The Tower of Babel” [detail], 1563. Source: KHM-Museumsverband, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Inventarnummer: Gemäldegalerie, 1026,


You might want to launch a new phase of growth and align leadership and teams. Or you want to evolve your brand and sharpen your communication. You might want to tap into new markets and new audiences. Or you want to transform organizational structures and spur talent development.

Purpose helps you to define attitude, tone and personality, shaping communications and visual appearance. Purpose helps you to inspire new products and services. And purpose helps you to shape a community.

Purpose helps to achieve growth, initiate change and navigate rising complexity by bridging commercial and social interests. A purpose driven organization combines social impact with business outcome and creates a connection between workforce, brand and clients beyond services and products.


We extract the essence with immersive and co-creative visualizations and mappings to orchestrate individual and organizational purpose.

We host off-site events for small teams and bigger groups to provide a thinking space outside of the everyday work environment and to spur inspiration and imagination.

And we help you to translate and implement the findings from the strategic level down to the operative baseline: with integration workshops, strategy breaks, brand books, posters, roadmap development and briefings for internal and external stakeholders.