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25A0 is unicode for black square and a strategy office at the intersection of culture, arts, technology, and science.

We conduct commissioned and self-initiated ventures and projects, partnering with clients from the public and private sector.


Civic Engagement

Agents of Transformation

Agents of Transformation is a platform for systemic changes through arts and design, connecting the next generation with decision makers in politics and industry.

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Digital Agency


STATE creates, transforms, and amplifies brands and institutions that make sense, delivering strategic and sustainable solutions to challenges in business, technology, and design.

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The biggest automaker in the world converges the separate software divisions from its brand portfolio in a new companywide department. We develop the employer branding strategy.

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Electrical Engineering

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric reshapes its employer value proposition in the DACH region. We provide the strategic direction and create alignment across the board.

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Music Industry

Reeperbahn Festival

The leading international music festival evolves from an annual event series to a holistic music platform. We develop and implement the strategic framework for this transformation.

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A young online publisher with an industry-leading business model faced challenges in user acquisition and retention. We developed a purpose-driven loyalty strategy that led to sustainable growth.

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Marketing Innovation

TD Reply

A marketing innovation consultancy transforms its business model and service portfolio. We develop a purpose-driven new brand identity and restructure their service offerings.

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Human Computer Interaction

Interface Critique

Interface Critique is an academic platform, that facilitates trans-disciplinary dialogues about human-computer interaction.

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A young online publisher with an industry leading business model was looking to take its magazine to the next level.

After establishing the magazine successfully and sustainably in the national media landscape, it faced challenges in growth, retention, and user acquisition due to algorithmic adjustments in social media feeds.

Iterated purpose map with annotations
Three course network dinner with the client at Galeria Santa Lucia
Initial collaborative purpose mapping results
Offsite workshop for the whole editorial team at Galeria Santa Lucia


We conducted an offsite purpose workshop with the whole editorial team and additional staff to sharpen the identity and narrative of the magazine, to uncover potential to reach a broader audience and to explore new user acquisition approaches.

Poster with new purpose, mission, vision and values as well as resulting projects for editorial, product and design
Documentation of the purpose-driven communication strategy in form of a brochure with detailed roadmaps and project descriptions.
Summaries of the new purpose, mission, vision and values



Based on the refined purpose, we identified numerous editorial measures to convey the new narrative to the existing and new readership, including introspective content pieces, deeper and more visible reader integration and a dedicated community management to connect the magazine with a broader cultural fabric.


We developed concrete measures for a loyalty strategy to foster viral effects, laying out the steps and milestones for a customer referral program and integrating already existing communicative measures and events under a shared perspective to enhance the word of mouth amongst the highly loyal readership.


We laid out the roadmap for a rebranding, including brand character, landing page redesign, visual guidelines for editorial images, and the integration of offline activities.


Six years after its founding and after huge losses in the last four, Krautreporter finally reached a self-sustaining business in 2021, enabling the organization to expand its offering while providing security and safety for its staff.

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