Strategy is the
Art of Embracing
the Unknown

25A0 is unicode for black square and a brand strategy shop at the intersection of research, art and business, based in Berlin.

We conduct strategic projects for clients and brands that are driven by curiosity, vision and impact.

Guiding Ideas

We uncover and curate brand strategies from within, as the most important resources and expertise are hidden within each organization.

We regard strategy and design as inherently linked – only their close interplay unleashes the full brand potential and provides purpose for clients and stakeholders.

We work with time rather than against it, because only continuity, consistency and depth lead to sustainable long-term effects.


Explore What’s Going On?

Making sense of the world requires more than quantification.

We combine a broad range of investigative scientifc and journalistic approaches with a high sensitivity for culture and everyday life.

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Create And What’s Next?

Ideas aren’t worth much without execution.

We bridge the gap between strategic oversight and operative baseline hands-on – with design, production, development and implementation.

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Selected Cases

Case 007

Interface Critique

An interdisciplinary academic platform examining the cultural, social and aesthetic impact of technology and applications.

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Case 008

Strategy Cube

The Strategy Cube creates a shared cognitive space that enables new ways of collective thinking.

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Please get in touch if you want to know more about us: +49 176 217 43 648