Strategy is the Art
of Embracing
the Unknown

25A0 is unicode for black square and a boutique strategy office at the intersection of culture, arts, technology, and science.

We conduct commissioned and self-initiated ventures and projects, partnering with clients from the public and private sector.


Strategic Narrative / Award Mechanism


POLYTON is a new platform and music award to highlight the social impact of pop music. We create the strategic narrative and the participatory award mechanism.

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Brand Strategy / Portfolio Integration


Carlsberg acquired the German beer brand Wernesgrüner. We help to maintain the brand’s local authenticity while preventing brand cannibalization within the existing portfolio.

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Brand Strategy / Organizational Development

Schmitt + Sohn

Schmitt + Sohn, a family owned enterprise in its 6th generation, needs to update its brand. We develop the strategic framework and install a new department.

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Strategic Foresight

Deutsche Telekom AG

Europes biggest telecommunications provider wanted to identify emerging trends at the intersection of art and technology. We conducted seminars, a podcast, and a publication exploring weak signals in art and tech.

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Systemic Change

Agents of Transformation

AOT bridges the gap between the next generation in arts and design and European policy making. We connect students with high-level decision-makers in politics and industry.

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Brand Strategy


The biggest automaker in the world converges the separate software divisions from its brand portfolio in a new companywide department. We develop the brand strategy.

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Employer Branding Strategy

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric reshapes its employer value proposition in the DACH region. We provide the strategic direction and create alignment across the board.

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Organizational Transformation

Reeperbahn Festival

The leading international music festival evolves from an annual event series to a holistic music platform. We develop and implement the strategic framework for this transformation.

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Growth Strategy


A young online publisher with an industry-leading business model faced challenges in user acquisition and retention. We developed a purpose-driven loyalty strategy that led to sustainable growth.

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Brand Strategy

TD Reply

A marketing innovation consultancy transforms its business model and service portfolio. We develop a purpose-driven new brand identity and restructure their service offerings.

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Interface Critique

Interface Critique is an academic platform, that facilitates trans-disciplinary dialogues about human-computer interaction.

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If you want to know more or request a case study, please get in touch:


Lothar Hartmann


In science, handcraft and economy, Lothar has acquired a broad range of creative and analytical skills to build and implement custom made solutions.

In his experience, unbiased innovation methods, explorative research and a team spirit that is not fueled by fear but by curiosity, increase the chance to implement sustainable and future-oriented solutions.


On behalf of the federal governments high-tech strategy, he has been involved in communicating and implementing regional climate adaptation strategies within the metropolitan region of Hamburg.

He has set up b2b and b2c product lines for a boutique interior lighting startup company, including the operational backend as well as the digital direct sales channel.

In various innovation, design and consulting contexts, he has worked for clients like the Otto Group, Volkswagen, Bayerische Hausbau, a private Bank based in Vaduz and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

Besides his mother tongue german, he speaks portuguese and italian thanks to several stays abroad and still remembers some french grammar from school.

At 25a0 he helps organisations and networks to explore systemic questions and needs in order to gain insights that have a tangible strategic impact.

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