Strategy is the Art
of Embracing
the Unknown

25A0 is unicode for black square and a strategy and research office at the intersection of culture, arts, technology, and design.

We conduct commissioned and self-initiated ventures, partnering with clients from the public and private sector.

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Our Approach


We are platform agnostic.

We use the tools you are already familiar with, like zoom, whereby, microsoft teams, skype, google hangout, slack or webex. We help you with the technical setup, provide access to all relevant platforms, or we just link into your already existing infrastructure.

one source

We provide dedicated landing pages.

You and your team will have access to all relevant information and daily briefings via a secure dedicated landing page, that is constantly updated. It includes all details for the technical setups, contacts, schedules, relevant resources and links to the services we use.


Every project is extensively documented.

You will receive a comprehensive documentation, containing workshop results, strategic guidance, detailed and specific project descriptions and roadmaps for implementation.


All our methodologies are deeply modular.

We apply a large set of different methodologies, from ideation, idea engineering and design thinking to collaborative mappings and other co-creative formats. Each workshop setup is uniquely tailored to your needs, with individual breakout sessions, discussions and collaborative clustering.