Strategy is the
Art of Embracing
the Unknown

25A0 is unicode for black square and a holistic brand strategy shop at the intersection of research, art and business.

We create tangible business results for brands and organizations that are driven by curiosity, vision and impact.

Guiding Ideas

A confident brand is like a mosaic.

Its unity is strengthened by its diversity.

A smart brand is an interface for strategy.

It creates the space where emergent strategies and strategic mobilization converge.

A leading brand makes sense.

It produces meaning for employees, customers and stakeholders.


Explore What’s Going On?

Making sense of the world requires more than quantification.

We combine a broad range of qualitative and investigative approaches with a high sensitivity for culture and everyday life.

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Create And What’s Next?

Ideas aren’t worth much without execution.

We bridge the gap between strategic oversight and operative baseline hands-on – with design, production, development and implementation.

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Selected Cases

Case 003

Interface Critique

An interdisciplinary academic platform examining the cultural, social and aesthetic impact of technology and applications.

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Max Dax


Max built a career on listening to other people’s ideas and stories.

As a journalist he has interviewed some of the most famous celebrities of our times — from David Bowie to Hans Ulrich Obrist, from Yoko Ono to Claude Lanzmann, from Alexander Kluge to Isabella Rossellini.

Max Dax, Berlin, 2019. Photo: Leila Abdulalizadeh.


As an editor-in-chief he has led the first German interview magazine Alert, the Spex magazine, the European, English-language Electronic Beats Magazine and the on-demand Internet TV channel, among others.

Looking back on three decades of writing and curating in the field of art and music, Max authored numerous interview books on popular culture, among them oral histories about Einstürzende Neubauten, Can and Scooter as well as the critically acclaimed interview anthology “30 Gespräche” (“30 Conversations”).

His extensive curatorial work for the Berlin-based Galerie der Gespräche (Gallery of Conversations) gained him the invitation to curate the exhibition “HYPER! A Journey into Art and Music” at Germany’s biggest museum space, the Deichtorhallen Hamburg.


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